It's beginning to look at lot like Disney Princesses!

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Disney Princess Light & Sound Musical Carousel - 3 princesses in 1!

When it comes to Disney Princesses 3 is better than 1! The new Disney Princess Light and Sound Musical Carousel spins to reveal Belle, Cinderella and Ariel singing and speaking to dancing lights!



Available now at Costco Stores! Find the store nearest you!


 The new Disney Princess Light & Sound Musical Carousel give you more Disney Princesses to love! The magical carousel spins around and reveals a new princess with each button press. Press the button and watch as Cinderella sings and dances to twinkling lights. Press the button again for Belle to come out and sing a beautiful song. The third press brings Ariel to sing her magical underwater theme song. Each princess has a song and signature phrases to delight your little princess. 


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