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glitter markers - getting started

Glitter Markers add sparkle to any project you start. Inc Glitter Markers come in over 12 different colors that sparkle and shimmer on many different surfaces! 
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5 activities for kids to unplug from digital media

All the studies are crystal clear. Kids today watch too much digital media. Whether it's the TV, mom or dad's smartphone, the tablet or a video game console, kids today spend almost as much time with screens as parents spend at work during a 7 day week! Let's face it, it's a GREAT way to practically eliminate boredom with your kids. Whether you need your 2 year old to sit quietly so you can make dinner, or your 10 year old playing video games while you have some grownup time with your spouse, digital media is a great way to keep your kids engaged and occupied so you can get on with your day/night/road trip/chores/grown-up conversation (insert social occasion here)....OK, so we know we need to unplug our kids from digital media...but then what? How do we deal with or prevent the inevitable tantrum? Think about how you feel when you can't find your phone (as an adult) and the panic that sets in until you find it. Now, imagine a child's ability to cope with a similar situation of having their digital media "confiscated". It's up to parents to offer our kids an alternative to keep them engaged, occupied and hopefully enriched too! 
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